Invoicing & Final Payments

What is a Hire Invoice, and how is it different to the Hire Contract?

You receive a Hire Invoice when all items you hired have been returned to us and assessed by our warehouse team. This details the products and quantities ordered, the price paid, and any additional charges that were added to your Hire Contract. It will also list the GST, and any outstanding amounts payable to Hire Society.

You will receive your Hire Invoice via email within 7 working days of returning goods to the warehouse. In busy periods (during December) it may take 14 business days to process your Hire Invoice. If you need the invoice urgently, please contact our showroom and we will ensure your invoice is prioritised.

I paid for my goods in advance. Why have I been charged an additional amount?

There are a number of reasons why you may have been charged an additional amount. If you amended your order after paying in full, these charges will be added to your invoice at the time of invoicing. Other additional charges include (but are not limited to): cleaning fees, extra delivery fees, attempted delivery fees, set-up fees, losses, damages, and breakages.

Any additional charges made will be detailed in full on your Hire Invoice, which will be emailed to you on the same day as the charges are made.

Will you call me before charging my card?

As part of the hire agreement, you provide your credit card or debit card details to Hire Society at the time of ordering in lieu of paying a bond, on the condition that any losses, damages, breakages and unpaid fees will be charged to the card to the time of invoicing.

The event standard in hire is that losses usually average between 5-10% of an order. Some orders will have higher losses, and some will have fewer, or no losses at all. As we process over 100 orders a day, we do not have the capacity to call every single customer. Our policy is that for orders with losses, damages or additional fees amounting to less than 10% of the value of the original order, we will automatically charge your card. For losses greater than 10%, we will attempt to contact you via the contact phone number that you provided to discuss your options.

How are breakage fees calculated?

All of our products have a replacement fee, which is the price (at cost)  for us to replace lost, damaged or broken stock with new stock, including shipping, unpacking and restocking costs. Some of our products are expensive to replace, and others are less so. For example, our genuine silver pieces and our black, crystal and Spiegelau glassware all have high replacement values, whereas our standard glassware is more affordable.

If you are worried about the cost of breakage, please call our showroom and we will be able to recommend a more affordable option for you.

I’ve been charged for items that were broken on arrival. What do I do?

If you receive any items that are broken on arrival, please let our showroom team know as soon as possible. If you let us know by telephone, please ensure you make a note of the person you spoke to. We recommend following up any phone calls via email, so that you have a written record of the conversation. We require that all broken items are reported to us before the start of your event.

If we have charged you for broken items in error, please call our showroom immediately and we will issue a Credit Note and a refund as soon as possible.

I’ve been charged for a lost item, and I’ve found it! Can I return it for a refund?

If you are invoiced for lost items, and you later discover that you still have them, you are able to return them to our warehouse within 7 days of receiving your final Hire Invoice for a refund.

Where goods are returned more than 7 days after receiving the final Hire Invoice, refunds are at our discretion. We may be able to offer a credit note, or you may choose to keep the item.