What do I do if something is missing from my order?

We advise all of our customers to check their Hire Contract thoroughly as soon as they receive it, to ensure that the correct items and quantities are recorded. Should you make any amendments after receiving your initial Hire Contract, you will always be sent an updated copy of the Hire Contract.  Should you not receive this, we suggest first checking your junk email folder. If you still have not received it, simply call the showroom and we will re-send the Hire Contract.

If you realise that an item you wanted has not been delivered and is not on your Hire Contract, then it may be possible to collect the item from our warehouse. Alternatively, we may be able to arrange a delivery (additional delivery fees will apply).

If you think an item is missing that is listed on your Hire Contract, call the showroom immediately. Often we will be able to tell you which box or cube the item has been placed in, or whereabouts it has been placed. If the item is still at the warehouse or on the delivery truck, we will deliver it to you as soon as we can prior to the start of your event.