How to customise with Hire Society pieces

At Hire Society, we see our hire tableware and furniture as a building block for you – one to add to and make your own! Take cues from these clever inspirations to create something altogether new and unique when styling your event.

1. Have your guest names printed on vinyl stickers for ‘plate’ settings.

Stickers  on grey plates by Nestle + Porter, florals by Natural Art Flowers

2. Add a printed panel to your dining table for an interesting surface

Marble panel perfect with black ghost chairs (design by by Nestle and Porter)

3. Adorn a mesh panel with florals for a pretty backdrop or set two as a welcoming entry with place settings

Styling by Butcher Baker Stylist with florals by Rose and Bud. Chairs by Event Artillery.

Florals by Matthew Landers, Catering Ultimo, Lighting Micktricks.

4. Have fun with throws, hides and cushions on lounges and armchairs

Styling and florals by Natural Art Flowers.